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About Us

Independent group

Moustache is a Digital Agency specialized in business intelligence.

Even after 8 years of operation, we’re always beyond clients and other agencies. We attend to FEE and JOB demands, delivering always the best results.

With the focus in Branding and Perfomance, Moustache’s goal is to achieve the clients expectation and ensure the continuity of the business in any country they’re.

Today we manage campaigns, run SEO implementation, landing page, create announcements and advertising material in all language versions for South America, North America and Europe.

Our Numbers

Main Agency numbers
2MillionsClicks month

Top executives

Who does what

Alexei Alba
Alexei Alba CEO
Nathaly Picaglia
Nathaly Picaglia COO
Flávio Luizetto
Flávio Luizetto CMO
Ewerton Augusto
Ewerton Augusto CTO
Alexandre Bronchini
Alexandre Bronchini Account Director
Tatiane Cruz
Tatiane Cruz Administrative director
Alexei Weidebach
Alexei Weidebach Legal Director
Thais Bassi
Thais Bassi Account Manager
Victoria Licastro
Victoria Licastro Commercial Manager
Victor Salles
Victor Salles Creation
Matheus Romão
Matheus Romão Art
Sara Bernardino
Sara Bernardino Front-end
Marcio dos Reis
Marcio dos Reis Back-end
Daniel Araujo
Daniel Araujo Assistant Director
Lucas Saggio
Lucas Saggio Programming Assistant
Ivan Cardoso
Ivan Cardoso Attendance
Julia Ortega
Julia Ortega Attendance
João Victor
João Victor Attendance
Victor Giraldi
Victor Giraldi Attendance

Our Mission

To develop every project as a unique one.

To share digital intelligence with all

Achieve our client's results like our own

Our Vision

To become the leading independent digital group and highlight our clients due to these results

Our Social Values

To develop people to help people.

To make the internet humanized and share content for someone else's growth

About Us

About Us

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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

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