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Social networks

Activation, coverage and engagement

Network runs the world

We believe that social media are stealing the scene nowadays. They have great opportunities to purchase qualifyed media with an amazing cost-benefit
We manage campaings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. We use social media to segment the audience according to their prefferences, experiences and groups. This way we reach a closer contact to the target public, increasing the conversion for our clientes.

Types of ads

  • Publishing boost

  • Category Sponsorship

  • Targeted Click Purchase

Types of purchase

  • CPC

    (Cost per Click)

  • CPT

    (Cost per Thousand Views)

  • CPV

    (Cost per View)


What we should think

  • Keywords Definition


  • Definition of Square

    (Where to serve)

  • Period definition

    (In how much time to serve)

  • Target Definition

    (Public and audience available)

  • Goal Definition

    (Conversion, Sale, Brand)

  • Strategy Definition

    (How to attack)

  • Ad Production

    (How to communicate)

  • Production of Parts

    (How to score)