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Searching Engine Optimization


SEO – Search Enginme Optimization, it's our speciality!

SEO consists of writing keywords to your site for search engines to find. That helps your website rank higher in these results.

The principle of SEO is TAG implementation inside the content for better understandment from search engines, some important terms we use inside SEO techniques are: H1, N1, Meta-Tags, Meta-Dados and Link Building.

<H1> <N1> <Meta-tag> <Meta-dado>

Main practices

  • Content curation

  • Link Building

  • Implementing Tags

Basic actions

  • Robot configuration

  • Current Positioning report

  • Technical pages


In what we should think

  • Keywords Definition


  • Definition of Square

    (Where to serve)

  • Period Definition

    (In how much time to serve)

  • Target Definition

    (Public and audience available)

  • Goal Definition

    (Conversion, sale, Brand)

  • Strategy Definition

    (How to attack)

  • Ad Production

    (How to communicate)

  • Production of Parts

    (How to score)