Planejamento - Agência Moustache


Think, Study and Reference

Digital Planning

The basis of every project is planning.

The main bases of Moustache’s planning are:

  • Analysis and understanding of the current project (BI/Analytics)
  • Market Analysis (audience and search volume)
  • Database plan (relational or non-relational)
  • Technology and worldwide trends

Main deliverable

  • Digital Campaign Plan
  • Media Plan and Conversion
  • Digital Design Planning
  • Action CRM Plan
  • SEO Master Plan
  • Social Engagement Plan

Market Research

Digital Planning STEPS

  • Analysis of the current project and main objectives

  • Market Research and analysis

  • User flow analysis and key pages

  • Data analysis via Web Analytics

  • Formulation of strategic plain for "TO DO's"

Our Digital planning CASE

Client: Certisign - Communication planning and journey to conversion