Relatórios - Agência Moustache

Data analysis for decision making

Conclusive reports for decision making

What to do with your data?

At Moustache we have a dedicated core for Digital Business Intelligence.
On the heart of this core our team evaluate data, obtain and translate graphics and consumer journey. That way, conclusive reports can be delivered full of relevant information for real decision making, always thinking about upgrading in digital projects and increasing conversion.

Digital Project Analysis

  • Websites

  • E-commerce

  • Landing Pages

  • E-mail marketing

User's Journey

Main Bases

What we should always be aware of

  • Device type

    (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone)

  • Region

    (parents, state, city)

  • Behavior

    (navigation type)

  • Session time

    (Browsing time)

  • Rejection rate

    (enter and leave without Cunsumir)

  • Conversion Funnel


  • Ad types

    (who converts more)

  • Interaction attempts

    (links, contacts, purchases)


  • Dashboards by interest

    (Directorate, T. I, Marketing)
  • Dashboard by Media

    (Campaigns, organic, Social)
  • Dashboard by Device

    (Mobile, Desktop, Smart Tv)
  • Dashboard by conversion

    (Sales, leads, registers)