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Transfer of Know-How


The digital world is increasingly present in our lifes, consequentlly into corporate’s too.
Nowadays all big and modern company has it’s own digital departament, not mention that every day a couple of new ”.com/web 3.0” companies are borned.

Having all that revolution in mind, the Qualification of Digital Management has been created! It brings all the information, methodologies and metrics needed for a good professional and student. This will help them improve their knowledge and develop activities in a faster, more optimized and interactive way.

Our methods bring a participatory and informal way, which makes students very interested from the beginning to the end.
The course aims to train these professionals and make them the best and qualified option in the area of ​​interactive management. They should be able to engage in such issues as online advertising, project management and success metrics.

This course will deliver for the student a whole vision from the activities performed by the new professional of this digital area.
In addition to all of that, the student will need to familiarize himself with concepts and theoretical cases. Also face the current problems that a web agency constantly faces.

Main training

Internet 2.0

Online media

Basic SEO

Intermediate SEO

Advanced SEO

To whom it is intended

Marketing Professionals

Digital Project Manager

Campaign Coordinators

Programmers, copywriters and analysts